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Monday, 8th May 2006

Death To Smoochy

Kevin and I have signed up for Amazon's DVD rental by post. Although you don't get unlimited rentals per month, we don't watch films frequently enough for this to be an issue. Plus, there's the whole 10% discount off purchased DVDs too.

The first film we rented, and watched at the weekend, was Death To Smoochy, a film which I think I'd vaguely heard of before - my interest was reawakened with the knowledge that Jon Stewart was in it ("the fourth male lead!"). I imagine it was a flop in the US since I'm fairly sure I never ever heard about it over here - and that's with the cast of Robin Williams, Danny DeVito (also directing) and Edward Norton (when he had a career). Straight to video in the UK, I'm guessing? Undeserved. Especially when you consider some of the pap that gets massively hyped in our cinemas.

I did have a whole post almost-written about the film, but then Firefox crashed in a peculiar manner (not that Firefox crashing is in itself peculiar), and after telling it on exit to save my tab session, on restarting it managed to find a group of tabs from early January. Bravo.

Anyway (let's try this again), Death To Smoochy is a rather bizarre dark comedy. Robin Williams' character, a recently-fired children's television entertainer, is filled with hatred for his replacement, a Barney-like rhino called Smoochy (Norton). He concludes that Smoochy must die. The plot then delves into the skulduggery and corruption apparently prevalent in the world of children's television.

Suffice to say, it's good. Funny and lighthearted, dark, bitter and twisted. Often all at once. The film has a great premise, and even a plot to go with it. It could have been better, certainly, in the hands of a really gifted scriptwriter/plotter it could have been as darkly superb as Shaun Of The Dead. However, it's good, not great. Still worth watching though, with numerous laugh-out-loud moments. It's definitely not for kids, though.

And for some strange reason, my crush on Edward Norton has grown since seeing him suited up as a pink furry rhino.

Monday, 22nd May 2006

Raining in my heart

Dear Weather-Gods,

Why, oh why must it rain? And I'm not talking in the abstract sense; I get that rain is important for crops and grass and food in general. But honestly: it rained here all of last week. And here is the forecast for this week:

Add the near-constant wind to this as well, and you end up with weather that makes it downright unpleasant to be outside, and requires the lights to be on all day inside.

Please, make it stop. I'm already depressed enough with revision and looming exams, and I can't tell you how much more depressing it is to be in the middle of monsoon season when it's supposed to be summer. Can't we at least try for some spring-like weather? Blue skies, mild temperatures, the occasional light breeze and, heaven help us, perhaps some sunshine? I understand that maybe you're trying to keep me focused on revision, but 1) it's not as though I'd be outside that much anyway even if I weren't revising, and 2) this is just making me want to spend all day curled up under the duvet.

Thanks, Cathy.

P.S. If it really has to rain all week, could you at least make it rain chocolate cake or something? That would be nice (if a bit messy. But hey, I'm indoors, right?).



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