Sunday, 4 March 2007

Clear night

I had completely forgotten about last night's lunar eclipse until I went out to the car to bring something in, and saw half a moon where earlier had been a huge bright disc. We tried taking a few photos with my camera through the windows, but they came out badly and finally I decided to brave the cold, borrow Kevin's tripod and head outside.

Whilst I got some reasonable shots, I couldn't stiffen the tripod sufficiently to stop the camera swivelling up and down, so had to hold it still myself. I thought I had done quite well, but the three second exposure meant that pretty much all my photos were slightly blurred.

Six of the best are on Flickr. Unfortunately I found out this morning that my camera thinks it's January 2005, and consequently I don't know the time when each was taken! The best I can do is 23:15-23:40.

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