Thursday, 23 August 2007

Yearly update

*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

*blows months of dust out of microphone*

That's better.

In an attempt to pretend I still blog every now and then, I thought I should provide a slight update on Things Wot Have Happened in the last few months.

Since I see my last post was in *cough* May *cough*, that takes us all the way back to finishing up my third year project, doing the this-counts-for-15%-of-the-module presentation (oddly enough I wasn't nervous before or during the presentation. The nerves hit me in waves a couple of hours afterwards, including shaking limbs and general feeling of dread. Useful timing, that), and writing the 15,000-word this-counts-for-80% report in ten days (plus a couple of thousand words for user documentation).

My computer overheated from having it on until 2am for printing out hundreds of pages (two copies), so I had to switch off and do the last bit in the morning before going into uni at 9am to bind them. (The queue of students waiting for binders at 9am, three hours before the deadline, was an hour long.) The fan in my power supply sounded a bit funny after having overheated, and a couple of weeks later it died entirely. I was in the second week of exams and concentrating rather furiously on revision (luckily I could work from my laptop), so I asked Kevin to find me a new PSU. I was quite distracted at the time so I can't tell you what I ended up with, but Kevin was drooling over the webpage, so I take that as a good sign. (Actually, it came whilst I was at an exam, and Kevin installed it before I got back, so I've never even seen it. He did take a photo of it for me though.)

I felt my exams went okay, none of them brilliantly but none nightmarishly either. I was quite nervous waiting for results though — I felt unable to predict whether I would get a 2:1 or a 2:2 (the last two years I got a mid-high 2:1 and then a lowish 2:1). I was staggered (to put it mildly) when I found out that this year I got a First — 76%. If my maths skills are still up to scratch, this means that overall for my degree I'm dead on the First borderline at 70.5%, so next year an average of 70% should mean I'll end up with one. *crosses fingers*

Lately I've been greatly enjoying Cracked Pepper, which is a mashup album of Sgt. Pepper and also Revolved (listen here), a mashup of Revolver. These two prompted a two-week run of playing nothing but Beatles music, one album per day (in order, of course). The trouble is that once you get to somewhere around Rubber Soul you can't then listen to earlier stuff again, because most of it just doesn't compare. And now I think I'll be in a Beatles phase for the next few months.

This month Kevin and I have been for a walk around Kenilworth, and a drive around the West Midlands Safari Park (and managed to go on a day when they let us drive a Chevrolet around, for free).

Tomorrow we're going camping (camping!) in Buxton for the weekend, so we'll see how well I survive that.

And today I lost an earring in the shower because I forgot to take them out first.


Have been enjoying the Flickrage...

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