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Wednesday, 28st November 2007

Jerky scrolling with Logitech mouse in Internet Explorer 7

Since IE7 was released over a year ago I've had issues when using my mouse's scrollwheel to scroll within a webpage in IE7. Instead of normal scrolling, smoothly moving 1-3 lines with one jog of the scrollwheel, it would continue moving downwards in a series of large jerks until a) it reached the end of the page, and b) I cursed myself for forgetting to not use the scrollwheel in IE7.

I've been meaning to update my mouse drivers for ages to see if that would do the trick, and finally managed to get a Round Tuit this afternoon for this very purpose. Unhelpfully, it appears that the driver I installed in April 2005 is the latest version, and obviously did not contain a fix for this problem.

Googling, however, revealed the solution repeated in dozens of forums – it seems that this is a known Logitech mouse / IE7 compatibility issue. I couldn't find a good canonical source to link to, so I will repeat the internet's wisdom here:

Start → Control Panel → Mouse → Buttons tab. For "Scroller", set to the following: Check the box labeled "Use MS Office compatible scroll only." Also, check the box below labeled "Scroll in active window only."

Works like a charm.



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